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<i>Fabulous Food</i> <i>For Cast & Crew<i/>

Fabulous Food For Cast & Crew

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After 10 great years cooking for Melbourne’s film & television industry, Eddie Eve launched Ed’s Kitchen.

With a passionate & talented team, we have kept film crews happily fed ever since from our brand new mobile kitchen - and we have another on the way!

Serving delicious, nutritious meals - anywhere, anytime!

Everything is cooked fresh daily onsite, with a strong focus on flavour & nutrition to keep your crew both happy & healthy.

With plenty of vegetarian, vegan, dairy and gluten-free options available, we can easily cope with any dietary requirements.

From a substantial breakfast, to great craft services & everything in-between- Ed has you covered!

Contact us about about a suitable sample menu for your production.
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With the Covid 19 pandemic, film catering has changed, from the buffet style that we were all used to, to individual boxed meals.

We have switched our menus from the buffet table to single serves, keeping everyone Covid-safe while still being able to enjoy a selection of the daily offerings. Aluminium containers are our container of choice for their recycling and heat retaining qualities.

With our commitment to reducing waste and our carbon footprint, we are proud to be partnered with ‘Oz Harvest’, who collect any excess meals at the end of the day, to help feed people in need.

What People Are Saying About Us

“So many important questions get asked all day on a film production, but one of the most important ones is “what’s for Lunch?” and Ed never fails to excite and recharge us with his delicious food”

Rachel Nott - Freelance Costume Department Supervisor. Productions - Winchester, Holding the Man, Winners & Losers.

"Ed’s Kitchen is always at the top of my list when I require exquisite food styling for commercials. His impressive sense of concept, combined with experienced attention to detail consistently produces beautiful work."

Vanessa Cerne - Freelance Set Decorator Visit Victoria TVC Revolver Films 2017

In our first year in business we are proud to have fed these Cast & Crew
Shantaram ( Paramount)
Fisk (ABC - Entitiled productions)
Jack Irish Season 4 (Easy Tiger)
Clickbait Pre-Production (Carnivores Productions)
AFL x Coles TVC (Revolver)
Suzuki Vitara TVC (Finch)
Bonds TVC ( Photoplay)

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Before this,
Ed was head chef and in charge of food production on numerous films, TV series and TVC's

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Ed - 0452 229 085
Jane - 0416 143 522

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Ph. +613 9682 2722

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